The below information will cover the most common questions management are asked about the building.

Need help

Building management is on-site Mondays and Fridays from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm, and Wednesdays from 7:30 am to 11:30 am and is available 24/7 for building emergencies. Your Building Manager is Rob Mackenzie. For all non-urgent matters residents are requested to log their enquiry via either email so that a record of their request can be maintained. For emergencies please contact 0401 392 582.

Moving in or out and delivery of large items

Residents moving-in or having large items delivered are requested to book their move with building management at least 48 hours prior to the move so that it can be co-ordinated with other residents. Please see the moving instructions available in the “Forms & Procedures section of this website.

Intercom Use

Visitors can contact apartments using the building intercom system available at the main entrances of Buildings A, B & C and also at the entrance to the Car Park. If you are contacted on the intercom system, pick up the handset and press and release the top button once to release the foyer door. To activate the lift, press and release the same button a second time. Visitors then have a short amount of time to enter and catch the lift to your level.

Presidio Intercom Operation

Electricity & gas meters

Residents will need to contact a service provider to set up an account for electricity and gas supply.

Generally the utility provider will have a record of your meter numbers and may visit site to conduct a meter reading. If you need to provide this information yourself see below locations of meters:

– The gas meter (grey square box) and the hot water meter (orange circular meter) are generally located inside the apartment either under the kitchen sink or in the laundry.

– The electrical meter is located in the corridor outside the apartment in the cupboard marked electrical services, all service providers will have the generic key to access this cupboard. Building management can provide access to this cupboard only if the service provider will not conduct a reading on your behalf.

Building by-laws

To ensure harmony amongst the residents, there are certain rules (by-laws) residents need to adhere to. These by-laws are created by you, the owners of the complex; they can be changed should the majority agree. You may not agree with all the by-laws but similar to other rules in society they must be followed. What may seem like an un-necessary by-law to you may be important to some one else. By-laws can be enforced by the buildings Executive Committee which can result in fines to residents. Building management is instructed to follow up and report on residents that breach by-laws. A copy of the by-laws may be obtained directly from the strata manager or your property manager in case you are renting.


Residents should be aware of the amount of noise they produce as it can flow through to other apartments, particularly from balconies and courtyards. There are by-laws in place governing noise but in general residents should not disturb the peaceful enjoyment of other lot owners at anytime.
If you are going to have a party where the music may be a bit loud let your neighbours know and limit noise to within council guidelines. In general no noise after 10pm weeknights and 12am Friday/Saturdays, however excessive noise at anytime may be in breach of the buildings by-laws.
Please have consideration for your neighbours, if you receive a noise complaint apologise and turn the noise down, do not let it creep back up.
Residents are encouraged to first try and resolve noise issues with the offending party before resorting to the police.

Repairs & Maintenance

The Owner’s Corporation is responsible for the repair and maintenance of common property. If you have a maintenance item relating to common property, (essentially the outer boundary of your apartment and all common areas), please report it to the building management. Management will log your request and arrange its repair as soon as practicable.
Building management is only authorised to carry out certain repairs with-out additional approval. Some repairs may require further approval from the Executive Committee due to their nature or cost. You will be advised if this is the case and in such instance resolution of the matter may have to wait until the next Executive Committee meeting for approval.


Residents wanting to renovate their apartment should first seek approval off the Strata Committee via building management. A renovation application form is available from this website in the forms section and there is further information regarding renovations in this document.
It is important that residents obtain approval for renovations as their renovation can affect other lot owners due to not only faulty workmanship (for example your new shower leaking into a neighbour’s property), but also by disturbing other residents due to the mess and noise created from the renovation. Conditions are imposed on renovations to minimise disruption to other residents and to ensure the work is carried out in a work-man like manner. Download Form

Connecting your telephone & internet

Residents will need to contact a service provider to set up an account for internet & telephone services. The service provider may need access to the Main Distribution Frame (MDF), which is located on the basement level in the Car Park next to lift Building A. Most telecommunication service technicians will have access to this door using an NMB key which is a general telecommunications cupboard key. If they do not have access to this cupboard please contact Building Management

Access Cards/Fobs

For security reasons, the access cards / fobs in use at Presidio Apartments have a 2 year inbuilt expiry. Building Management would strongly recommend having this checked and updated every year. To have this done, residents can visit the Building Management office during onsite hours. The office is located in the carpark, around the corner to the left of the roller door as you enter. Alternatively, please contact Building Management and arrange to drop your fob off using the Body Corporate mailboxes.

If you require an additional or have lost your access card please complete the access card request form available in the form section of this website.


The Owners Corporation understands that some owners may wish to keep a pet on their property. The keeping of any animal on a lot requires written permission from the Owners Corporation. Please complete the Pet application request form available in the form section of this website.


The building has not been wired for Foxtel, so residents will need to use internet streaming options to access pay TV.

Waste Collection

City of Sydney Council offers a weekly collection of mattresses, bulky household items and furniture, along with metal, whitegoods, and e-waste.  Please place all items for disposal against the wall in the bin-bay at the top of the driveway ramp. The items are collected on Tuesdays and collections must be logged no later than mid-day on Monday, so please ensure that all items for collection have been put out no later than Monday morning.